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Nash Glass specialises in the installation of glass partitions and glass doors. With over 30 years within the industry we have a wealth of experience in all glass partitioning systems.

Nash Glass is a specialist commercial partitioning glaziers who have been providing glass and glazed screens since 1982. The demand for frameless glass partitions and glass doors has increased within the modern office. Therefore we have developed our expertise to offer high quality products at competitive prices. As a family run firm with over 30 years experience within the industry, great customer service is at the core of our business. We take into account each of our customers individual requirements and needs meaning we can tailor our products and service to exactly what the customer requires. This in turn makes us the preferred contractor for many interior companies. We offer everything from partition glazing to frameless glass partitions and glass doors. Please contact us to see how our team of specialists can help you create the perfect installation for your needs.

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Products & Services

Single Glazed Frameless Glazing

Frameless glass partitions create a modern feel to any office.

Double Glazed Frameless Glazing

Double glazed frameless partitions offer of a high level of sound reduction.

Blinds For Partition Glazing

Partition glazing service into all of the main manufactures partition systems.

Manifestation Window Film

This is the film applied to glass to visually identify the pane. Branding, tints etc.

Fire Screens & Fire Glass

Glazed fire screens can provide barriers whilst allowing light into the area.

Switchable Glass For Privacy

LCD glass can be made transparent simply by passing an electric current through it.

Door Options & Configuration

Wooden or glass doors can be integrated into partitions to stand alone installations.

Blinds Options & Configuration

We offer quality window blinds in many different styles, colours and fabrics.

Case Studies

Kenton Black

Single glazed frameless glazing with frameless glass doors.

Matthew Boulton College

Faceted single glazed frameless glazing with frameless glass doors.

Portobello House

Single glazed frameless glazing with slim line aluminium frame with glass over panel and timber door.

Pitch Recruitment

Single glazed frameless glazing with frameless glass doors.

Lift & Engineering

Framed partitions (double glazed with blinds) with glass doors.

West Heath Medical Centre

Single glazed frameless glazing with frameless glass doors.

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